WK Bikes has launched an all-new maxi scooter, the MXI 125. The new model is a stylish and practical maxi scooter with electric fuel injection and combined braking system and has a very attractive price tag.

The MXI 125, which comes in blue and grey colour options, is the ideal scooter for learners on a budget and those looking to commute in comfort and style, it would also make a perfect food delivery scooter. The new scooter has a digital dash, front and rear disc brakes, a tall windshield and a large underseat storage space, making it ideal for commuting to work, college or just popping to the shops.

The modern LED lights look great and do an excellent job of lighting up the road at night, there is also a handy USB charging port to keep your smartphone charged while out and about. The sharp body lines and sculpted seat give the MXI 125 a striking and appealing look, easily rivalling other popular scooters in the category.

Helping you get from A to B with great fuel economy from the punchy and agile motor, the MXI has an 11L fuel tank to keep you going for longer between fill-ups. Perfect for those starting out at 17 years old with a CBT, giving a sense of independence and freedom on the road.

The WK Bikes MXI 125 comes with a 2-year parts and labour warranty and is available in WK Bikes dealerships now.

You can view the model page to find out more, or find your local dealer by clicking the buttons below.