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Buying With Confidence

WK Bikes supports motorcycle customers to avoid hidden costs and faulty bikes.

If it’s too good to be true – it usually is! That’s the main message behind the MCIA’s (The Motorcycle Industry Association) scheme to protect motorcycle consumers from rogue traders.

The scheme was set up at the request of MCIA members like us, who were concerned about some internet based companies competing aggressively on price, while making huge compromises on quality and service. So beware of internet sellers who aren’t members of the MCIA as you may end up paying more for your motorcycle in the long run. Road bikes bought from MCIA members will always be ready-assembled and safety checked, which is carried out by the WK Bikes dealer. In addition, the Buy with Confidence website sets out clear pathways for any problems, should they arise. To get tips on ‘what to look out for’ when buying a new bike visit the MCIA’s website: www.buybikeswithconfidence.co.uk.